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Welcome to Canada Boy Vinyl!

We’re here to help you get your vinyl pressed no matter what stage you’re at with your music.

So allow us to ask a few questions to help you get going…

  1. Are you “like a virgin” or “are you experienced?”
    1. If you’re a vinyl virgin, then start with learning about the vinyl pressing process right from recording all the way through to printing and packing by going to RECORDING
    2. If you know your way around the pressing process, then go straight to the QUOTE GENERATOR.
  2. If you need your audio mastered or perhaps you still need to record, then go to MAGNETIC NORTH STUDIOS.
  3. If money is tight and you want to know some low-budget options, then go to SPECIALS.

Or if you just feel like getting to know us at CBV and HOPT, then take your time, grab a beverage and peruse at your leisure!